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Regional Affiliate 
Sergio Villasante, ICMG 

In 2015, IPG traveled to Brazil, by invitation of Sergio Villasante, ICMG. Sergio organized a fabulous Track I certification weekend with 33 groomers successfully completing their CPG!

Sergio Villasante Murillo, ICMG is an award-winning groomer and International Grooming judge.  He has a school in Brazil where he has taught over 7000 students!  

Sergio has translated the Track I Resource Manual (and is working on the Track II Manual) into Portuguese.  

The groomers in Brazil are lucky to have Sergio representing them and working to make them great!

IPG will be in Brazil in November of 2016 for more certification.  For more information about IPG in Brazil (and other countries in South America) contact Sergio: