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The IPG Certification process is a series of practical and written examinations whereby the expertise and proficiency of professional groomers may be demonstrated and certified.  It recognizes groomers whose professional knowledge, techniques and abilities have been certified as having met the high standards set forth by the International Professional Groomers, Inc. 
To become an IPG Salon Details Certified groomer, and achieve an International Model of Pet Grooming Accreditation in the Salon Details phase, tests must be passed with 80% or better.
Salon Details                                    practical test and written test
To become an IPG Certified groomer, and achieve an International Model of Pet Grooming Distinction in one to three additional phases, applicants must pass up to four practical tests and three written tests with scores of 70% or better.  The testing in these phases may be taken in any order and/or combination.  Any test may be retaken (for half original price) to improve your score! Certificates will be awarded when all tests in each phase are taken (written and practical tests).

Non-Sporting Breeds                       practical test and written test
Sporting or Gun Dog Breeds          practical test and written test
Terrier Breeds                                 two practical tests and written test
To become an IPGInternationalCertified Master Groomer(ICMG), applicants must pass all breed profile tests with scores of 86% or better and pass an extensive Master’s Exam with a score of 86% or better.  At this time, groomer will be awarded the prestigious title of ICMG.


Testing Fees
Salon Details Testing         $150.00
Upgrade to SDC                 $ 35.00
Practical Tests                   $ 75.00 each  ( 4 Practical Exams)
Each Written Tests            $ 45.00 each   (3 Exams)
Master’s Exam                    $120.00  
For All Testing Fees:    $705.00  (Paid in advance $695)
Retakes of written test       $25.00
Retakes of Practical test     $50.00

IPG, Inc. advises each professional pet groomer who plans to participate in certification testing to attend an IPG Workshop;  become knowledgeable on each of the breed standards, description, glossary, general health section and the canine anatomy section.