International Professional Groomers, Inc - Track I: CPG and CSP
International Professional Groomers, Inc - Certification & Education for Pet Groomers, Pet Professionals

The  a revolutionary new certification for pet grooming professionals. IPG has been developing this program for five years, to provide a professional endorsement program for dog groomers through a combination of a study guides, videos, workshops and the availability of online testing, culminating in the titles of CSP and CPG.
The Testing for these certificates is based upon IPG Training Manuals.  The Track I:  Certified Pet Professional (new) and Certified Professional Groomer currently contains the study materials for these certifications.

Groomers or Industry Professionals may register for the following modules below, at a Track One workshop, or at most Groomer Trade shows.
The Salon Professional Track I is a series of educational modules and certifications leading to stand-alone Certificates of Professionalism at two levels for all professionals involved in the grooming industry, the CSP and CPG and the ACAP*. This program is introduced by the International Professional Groomers, Inc. to prepare pet care professionals to handle the animals in their care in a safe and professional manner, and demonstrate their basic “kennel trim” skills.  These certifications are awarded by our Independent Evaluators, setting these skilled professionals apart from their peers and validating their qualifications to the public.

All the testing in each of the following categories may be completed on line or by video submission. More information on testing can be found in "The Certification Application" section.

1.     Certified Salon Professional (CSP)*

… is a certificate for professionals unique to the grooming industry, stressing safety, health and sanitation for all pet care and grooming professionals, including non-groomers. This Certification is for Groomers, Grooming Salon owners, managers, spa and dog daycare workers. Pet care professionals participating in this program have demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of: 

 the healthy pet and recognizing problems which should be brought to the attention of the owner, canine skin & hair and the effects of grooming, health & safety concerns for the pet professional pet, understanding canine behavior and handling, bathing and drying, diseases & vaccination, zoonotic diseases, canine first aid and emergencies, sanitation and disinfection, professionalism & ethics.
2.     Certified Professional Groomer (CPG)*

…is a certificate of safety and Basic Grooming Skills for all professional pet groomers.  This Certification demonstrates the skills needed to perform a standard “kennel trim” efficiently and safely.   Topics covered include clippers and blades, scissor types, stress-free tips for safe handling, equipment ergonomics, the safe use of equipment around pets, getting and keeping better clients, and client relations.

handling tips, difficult dogs, grooming cats, more about skin and hair, grooming equipment and its selection and safe use, the kennel trim and finish work, what to do in case of an emergency, cleaning and sanitation, taking care of the groomer, Liability insurance for groomers, and the professional groomer.

...the next step for groomers wanting additional certification.  This module introduces the 'Smart Style System" to help make all grooming more efficient while producing consistent quality.  Again the emphasis is on the safety and comfort of dogs in our care.  This module introduces advanced technical skills used by groomers when handling longer coats. It also emphasizes the special needs of toy breeds and elderly pets, as well as double coated breeds. There will be two practical tests for this module.  One is a scissor-type finish on a toy breed while the other is an appropriate groom of a double coated dog.  These tests can also be submitted by video or completed in front of a certifier.  This module will help groomers planning on becoming Master Groomers complete breed profile grooms successfully!

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*If you have completed your previous Salon Details testing, you may upgrade to CSP and CPG  for a low fee.  We recommend attending a workshop or watching the Salon Certification video
Track I Complete Program
This includes 12-month IPG membership, Resource Manuals, workbook, written tests, practical evaluations, salon photo evaluations and 2 DVD's
Price: $379.00
Track I Members Program
Same as above if you already have current IPG membership
Price: $292.00
Certified Salon Professional Module
For Bathers, Salon managers, receptionists, Day care workers.
Includes IPG 12 month membership, Resource manual, written test, bathing evaluation, DVD.
Price: $297.00
Track I upgrade
Complete Track I package for current members who are already Master Groomers or who completed the Salon Details certification
Price: $157.00