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Certification or Workshop Application
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I agree to have IPG, Inc charge my credit card for IPG membership, testing, guidelines and/or workshops. I agree to absolve the officers, directors and members of IPG. and the officers and members of hosting organizations, of any legal claim for loss or injury to myself, my equipment, or my dog(s) while participating in this IPG, Inc Certification Testing. I further agree to abide by all rules and regulations of IPG and the hosting organization. I agree to accept the Certifiers’ decision as final and binding. I have read the attached IPG certified groomers’ “Code of Ethics” and agree to abide by them.
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Certified Professional Groomer Package
FOR all Professional Groomers. Includes: 2 Resource Manuals with Workbooks, written and practical testing and certifications, "21 Tips of a Master" DVD, Bathing DVD. Window sign stating "Certified Professional Groomer" upon completion. 12-month IPG membership.
Price: $379.00
IPG Members: Certified Professional Groomer Package
FOR current IPG members in good standing. Same as
package above.
Price: $282.00
Advanced Dog First Aid + CPR Workshop
Earn a Certificate valid for 2 years.
Price: $129.00
Certified Pet Professional Package
FOR Salon owners, Managers, Day care or kennel personnel, students or bathers. Includes Resource Manual & Workbook , Testing and 12-month membership.
Price: $297.00
Salon Approval
Salon Approval is available to salons with all groomers and staff certified. Fee includes manual, application and inspection (live or by photos)
Price: $298.00
Master Exam & Breed Profile Manual
This test is required prior to other Breed profile testing. Price includes Breed & Masters Certification Training Manual.
Price: $157.00
Non-Sporting Exam
Non-Sporting Practical & written Exam . Includes photo pre-evaluation
Price: $157.00
Sporting/gun dog Exam
Sporting Practical & written Exam. Includes photo pre-evaluation
Price: $157.00
Terrier Exam
Terrier practical & written Exam. Includes photo pre-evaluation
Price: $157.00
Working or mixed breed exam
A working breed or mix-breed- This written test reviews the previous testing and resource manuals. includes a photo pre-evaluation
Price: $157.00
Masters Level Retakes
Retake written and practical tests for any section of the Masters: Non-sporting, Terriers, Sporting or Masters.
Price: $100.00