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IPG  is an International Association created to educate, certify and accredit Professional Pet Groomers. Groomers  with active membership, in good standing and who complete annual continuing education and follow the "IPG Code of Ethics," maintain their certifications and educational endorsements.

IPG is Dedicated to:

--the safety of all pets entrusted into our care
--educating pet owners and groomers on safe grooming and handling techniques
--increasing the recognition of the grooming profession
--acknowledging the superior skill-set of 'our' groomers

IPG is a member of the Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Alliance (PPGSA) and has worked with this alliance to develop and recommend Standards for Safety in all Grooming Facilities.  (see full standards)
TRACK I:  The revolutionary new Professional Certification Track 

is a series of Education modules and certifications leading to stand-alone Certifications for Grooming and Safety for all professionals involved in the grooming industry, the CSP (Certified Salon Professional), the CPG (Certified Professional Groomer).  This program sets industry standards for pet and staff safety, wellness, sanitation, and groomer ethics. Groomers will  handle animals in their care in a safe and professional manner, and demonstrate their basic “kennel trim” or "puppy trim" clippered grooming skills.   These certifications are awarded by our Independent Evaluators, setting these skilled professionals apart from other groomers and validating their qualifications and professionalism to the public.

CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL GROOMER Allows groomers to add the letters CPG to their name!  This lets your customers know you care about the pets they love and have been evaluated and certified to handle their pets safely, providing quality care and grooming in a secure environment. 

CHANGE THE CONVERSATION with your customers through Certification!  As more groomers become certified, our customers will ask for a "Certified Professional".  This certification makes you the EXPERT and your customers will allow you to explain grooming styles which are safe and appropriate for their pets.

Included in these programs are keeping pets SAFE, getting and keeping better clients, working with difficult dogs, and tips to make groomers more successful, and the introduction of the 'Smart Style System' of grooming.
*Next Steps:    TRACK II:       Certified Advanced Professional Groomer
                       TRACK III:        International Certified Master Groomer
                       IPG APPROVED SALON
                       IPG MEMBER SCHOOL

*The International Professional Groomers has the only Groomer Safety Certification (Certified Professional Groomer or CPG) (November, 2015)  IPG has member Certified Groomers are in over 16 countries!  We have Regional Affiliates in several countries



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