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Regional Affiliate 
Nicky Renwood, ICMG

Nicky Renwood, ICMG is the Australian Regional Affiliate.  She was one of the first Certified Master Groomers and IPG Certifiers in Australia and is a wonderful addition to the IPG family!

Nicky will work under the IPG banner and facilitate everything grooming for IPG in Australia for training and certifications and now you have a regional contact for all things grooming. Now, you can get the most up to date certifications right in your own backyard. 
Many of you know Nicky Renwood, ICMG, the Australian representative for IPG. Even so, here are some details of her professional life you may not be aware of, and that are very impressive.  Nicky started showing Bearded Collies in England with her parents, then moved to Australia at age 9 where they continued showing dogs. Then, at the age of 14 (1984), she represented Australia at the world’s largest dog show -- Crufts – achieving  3 over all – with 15 countries competing!

In 1996 Nicky opened a very successful Grooming business, operating for 10 years with 5 employees, plus she has also opened the Australian Dog Grooming School, still one of the largest and most successful schools in Australia. When she sold the salon business she worked for 2 years as the Business Development Manager for Grooming.

In 2004, we were pleased to grant her an ICMG, International Certified Master Groomer certificate. She demonstrated exceptional qualifications, passion and dedication in the dog world, plus the high level of study necessary so that in 2006 became a Certifier for IPG, certifying groomers in Australia, India, Asia, NZ and America. 
Nicky is an accomplished grooming judge and a licensed dog show judge, being a member of Dogs Victoria, NSW & SA for over 35 years showing and handling all breeds – taking many to best in show level.

As a member of Groom Team Australia Nicky competed in Germany at the 2009 World Team Championship against 16 other countries best groomers coming 3 in the Sporting section. She has also been awarded, ‘Best in Show's for grooming, in Australia & New Zealand and taking many placing’s in America. 

Currently she travels annually to Asia developing students in local schools and for the last 5 years has been the all breeds grooming specialist at Crufts, with 24 thousand dogs attending, plus every year travels to the USA to further her skills in grooming and dog shows.
Her current businesses are the Australian Dog Grooming School, Stylish Dog Grooming and Barkers Dog Grooming Software. Her passion and dedication through her involvement with the dog world has led her to be committed to the high level of study necessary to gain these qualifications.

For more information, contact Nicky directly!