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Erin is a self taught, internationally certified master groomer, and has been working in the grooming industry for 16 years. She owns and operates a grooming business in Edmonton, Alberta, and is an award winning competitive groomer. She is passionate about continuing education, and compassionate handling.  Her mother bred Bouvier des Flandres, and trained their dogs in obedience, and schutzhund. Growing up in the dog world made the transition to professional grooming a natural choice, and gave her an innate understanding of dog handling, and the early foundation for grooming. Having multiple Bouviers meant it was all hands on deck when it was time to get them cleaned up. By the time she got her first job as a bather, it felt like a perfect fit.
Giving back to the community is also something Erin feels is important, and has always volunteered her time to various causes, both pet related and otherwise. Whether it's grooming shelter dogs to make them more adoptable, participating in rescue rodeos, or raising funds for a good cause through a dog wash event, Erin can be found doing it.
Erin has taught seminars on basic at home maintenance, and pet care, to pet owners, and has privately tutored fellow groomers. She is just as happy to answer questions, as she is likely to ask them. She feels strongly that we should never stop learning. She is excited and honoured to be part of the IPG team, and looks forward to helping other groomers in their certification journey.


Paddy is our newest Canadian representative.  Please contact her concerning possible workshop events and certification in Eastern Canada.