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IPG offers Continuing Education opportunities to our members throughout the year.  You may attend these events "live" on an on-line Webinar for no fee if you are a member in good standing.  If you are not yet an IPG member, you may sign up to attend these events for a fee of $25.  Members fill out the form below or email me to register in the class.  All Classes are available after being aired live.  Members may attend one recorded event per year included with your memberhsip. Non-Members can pay below.  List the Class you want to attend in the comments 

Double Delight-June 30, 2021 6pm
Double Delight-June 30, 2021 6pm
Tips and Tricks to groom double coated dogs to save time and get a great finish.
15 Coat Types-July 11th, 9am-12 PT
15 Coat Types-July 11th, 9am-12 PT
Join Jennifer Bishop-Jenkings and Learn about the 15 Coat Types and how to groom them to benefit the dogs! Become an expert.
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