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"The care and safety of the pets 
we work with is our passion. 
 Helping groomers thrive is our dream."

International Professional Groomers... 

Is the leading International Association created to educate, certify and accredit Professional Pet Groomers and Pet Caretakers. Groomers and Pet Care workers, with active membership, in good standing and who complete annual continuing education and follow the "IPG Code of Ethics,"  maintain their certifications and educational endorsements.

 There are IPG certified groomers in 28 countries and counting!

IPG has 3 tracks of Certification

The completion of each track helps your success in the next track.  

Each Track has a stand-alone certification you earn. 

 All of the testing for Track 1 or 2 may be done through video submission if you are in the US or another country without a local representative! All Tracks must be completed in order to become an ICMG.


Certified Professional Groomer (CPG)   for Groomers, who will do a bath and dry and clippered pet trim on any breed


Certified Pet Professional (CPP) for Bathers, Salon owners, Pet Sitters and Day-Care owners & staff. Bathers will demonstrate a bath and dry.

TRACK 2     Advanced Professional Groomer (APG) 
Advancing groomers use advanced grooming skills to demonstrate shape, style and symmetry and groom a toy breed and a double coated breed.  This module also covers elderly pets.

TRACK 3:  International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG) 
Advanced Breed Profile grooming with 5 modules:  Masters written test (to become MC--Masters Candidate), then Non-Sporting, Sporting, Terriers and Mixed Breeds.

IPG APPROVED SALON For salons meeting criteria for safety and sanitation, following PPGSA standards 
In an Approved Salon, all Groomers and staff are IPG certified at CPP or CPG or higher.

For schools meeting criteria for Safety Approved Salon with curriculum, certified Instructors, and Graduation goals.
Approved Schools offer CPG certification to their students.




........with your customers through Certification! 
 As more groomers become certified, 
our customers will ask for a "Certified Professional". 
This certification makes you the EXPERT and your customers and will allow you to explain grooming styles which are safe and appropriate for their pets.

Included in these programs are keeping pets SAFE, getting and keeping better clients, working with difficult dogs, and tips to make groomers more successful, and the introduction of the 'Smart Style System' of grooming.

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