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The questions on all written examinations were derived from IPG Resource Manuals, including the Certified Pet Professional Resource Manual, the Certified Professional Groomer Resource Manual, the Certified Advanced Professional Groomer Resource Manual and the Master Certification Resource Manuals.  Resource manuals are included with all the certification packages and are not sold separately.

 The Master's written examinations also have questions from the Breed standards, as can be found at for the US tests.  Pictures are from the Resource manuals and others can be found in the AKC Pocket Guide and Sam Kohl's All Breed Grooming Guide

*Acceptance of fees and testing is not a guarantee of Certification.
* If you are interested in custom IPG smocks, contact Linda at 503-551-2397.  Special order items with custom embroidery are non-refundable.  Have your company name and logo printed on smocks.

Track I Certification Package
Earn your CSP and CPG. This
Package is a $701 value, includes: 2 Resource Manuals & workbook 2 bonus DVDs, two written tests and two practical tests, and IPG membership (please fill out form on Membership page).
Price: $379.00
Track I Package--Members only
Same package as above for those already members of IPG.
Price: $282.00
Track I, Module I. Certified Pet Professional Only
For Salon or Day-Spa owners. Includes IPG membership, Book and workbook, DVD, written and practical testing.
Price: $297.00
Track 2. Advanced Professional Groomer Package
For groomers who have completed their CPG. A $478.00
Includes Book & workbook, poodle video, written test, 2 photo evaluations and 2 practical tests on a toy breed and a test on a double coated breed demonstrating advanced technical skills.
Price: $297.00
Track 3. Masters Testing
This is breed profile testing in 5 sections, and when successfully completed the groomer will be certified as an International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG). Each section includes its own Resource Manual. (Note: begin with Masters if you have not done any testing--). Written tests will be sent to you or your local affiliate and are open book!
Price: $157.00
Enter Option Name:
Retake of Practical Exam
If you need to retake any practical examination for a higher score, check this box
Price: $110.00
Safety Approved Salon
If your staff has been Safety Certified (CPG, CSP, CPP or better) apply to have your Salon Certified.
Price: $198.00
IPG Members in good standing may order duplicate certificates. Specify the certificate you are requesting
Price: $25.00
DUZ Dryer
New fluff dryer will sit on your table or mount on the wall with flexible hose, 3 heat settings and 3 air settings! Introductory Pricing includes free shipping in the US.

Contact us for shipping outside US
Price: $197.00
The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide, 4th Edition
By Sam Kohl.
with instructions for grooming 193 AKC breeds, including popular pet styling. Emphasizes the health, safety and well-being of both the dog and groomer.
Price: $58.95
Smart Style Curved Scissor
7 1/2" Curved Scissor. Dr. Approved to protect from carpal tunnel problems. Japanese steel....made to last and hold an edge with blunt tip for safety. Off-set, short shanks. Blue adjustable jewel
Price: $189.00
Smart Style 7 1/2" thinner
Finishing thinner. Dr Approved. Made to last and hold its edge. Off-set, short shanks. Blue adjustable jewel
Price: $189.00
Smart Style Straight Scissor
7 1/2" straight scissor. Groomer designed to last and Dr Approved with ergonomic handle, offset shanks.
Price: $179.00
Smart Style 8" straight scissor
Doctor designed handle. 440 Japanese steel. Blunt safety tip.
Made to last and assist groomer to protect their wrist while scissorying
Price: $189.00
Set of 4 Smart Style Scissors
Includes a leatherette case and scissoring video
Price: $557.00
Scissor Case
Leatherette scissor case. Blue. Spaces for 14 scissors. Keep your scissors sharp and safe!
Price: $30.00
Certified Groomer on Staff Sign
Laminated 8 1/2 x 11" window sign for Certified Groomers!
Price: $7.50
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IPG Smock
IPG Logo on Sleeve Paw Print on Front Panel Zippered Black Only. Other colors may be available. Custom embroidery available. Call for information
Price: $30.00
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Enter Option Name:
IPG Smocks-bling zipper
Introducing IPG members only smocks. colored smocks with Bling Bling Zipper. They are available in sizes from Small through 5X. Other colors may be available. Custom embroidery available. Call for information
Price: $35.00
Cocker in a Suburban Trim Video
Smart Style System for completing a suburban trim on a cocker using attachments. Hints on working with wavy coats and cocker temperaments
Price: $29.00
Poodle Video
The Smart Style System for grooming a standard poodle using attachments. Two video set. Tips of working with curly coats for quality results every time
Price: $39.00
Happy Hoodies
Each package contains two Hoodies, one small/med and one large. specify black, white or pink
Price: $12.95
EZ soft Collar
extra small--cats, small breeds
Free shipping in the US
Price: $14.97
EZ Soft Collar
Small--yorky, toy breeds
Free shipping in the US
Price: $15.97
Enter Option Name:
EZ Soft Collar
Medium--versatile size. shih tzu, medium dogs
Free shipping in the US
Price: $21.97
EZ Soft Collar
Large--larger dogs, aussies
Free shipping in US
Price: $26.97
EZ Soft Collar
XLarge--extra large breeds. For aggressive dogs recommend using 2 collars
Free Shipping in the US
Price: $29.97
EZ Soft Collar
Complete set of all 5 sizes
Free shipping in the US
Price: $85.97
PlaqClnz Salon Starter Kit
PlaqClnz Starter Kit Include: 6 2-oz retail bottles, 1 4-oz salon bottle, irrigator, brochures, client record cards, laminated signs, large window signs. A $150 value.
Price: $89.00
PlaqClnz 2 oz Gel or spraySingle unit
PlaqClnz Spray and Gel are the only alcohol free pet oral care products that reduce plaque and tartar without brushing.
Price: $12.95
Plaq Clnz 2 oz case of 12
12 2 oz spray or gel..$9.00 each
Price: $108.00
Enter Option Name:
PlaqClnz Spray 4 oz Solution Single
PlaqClnz Spray and Gel are the only alcohol free pet oral care products that reduce plaque and tartar without brushing.
Price: $19.95
Workshop/Educator Fee
Price: $500.00
workshop/educator fee
Price: $5.00
workshop/educator fee
Price: $25.00
Workshop/educator fee
Price: $100.00
Groomer Workshop
Various Locations
Price: $79.00
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