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IPG is the WORLD LEADER in Groomer Certification and Education.  We currently have certified groomers in 16 countries.  There are IPG affiliates in Canada, Latin America, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States. Be a part of this exciting association with members around the world! 

Fill out the application then select your payment below.  If you would like to mail your membership or renewal, click below the form for a printable application.


  • "Changes the Conversation" with your customers by increasing your professional image and presence

  • Increased financial security by allowing you to charge fair prices

  • Reduces your stress while improving your knowledge

  • Sets you apart from the competition

  • Acknowledges your advanced skills

  • Creates public awareness of the advantages of taking pets to a Certified Professional Groomer

  • Supports our members through an international association with offices around the world

  • Provides and encourages Continuing Education to add to your skill set and keep you current in the industry

  • You become a part of the IPG Family


 Please complete the following form 
when you apply for membership, renew your membership,
 or purchase a Track 1 Certification package.

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IPG Code of Ethics

Please fill out this then find the payment button below.   By completing this application, you agree you have read and will abide by the IPG Code of Ethics.

New Member
New Membership (through December 31st)
Price: $97.00
Renew Membership
Renew membership- Includes Continuing Education on-line, certificate and testing. Renewal fee pro-rated through December
Price: $81.00
Lapsed Membership Renewal
If your membership has lapsed 60 days or more (check date on your membership certificate)
Price: $127.00
Membership Renewal.. Retired Groomer
Renewal for members no longer working as groomers. Membership package is sent via email. Member will still receive IPG emails.
Price: $50.00