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For Groomers who have completed the Track I program and are now CPG's. The CertifiedADVANCED PROFESSIONAL GROOMER program is a comprehensive certification which demonstrates your care of senior and toy dogs (more fragile) and double coated dogs.  It  demonstrates your advanced technical skills when grooming dogs with more coat, showing shape, style and symmetry.  De-Matting and scissoring are keys in this module.  As always, safe and compassionate handling are very important in this module.

The APG is a stand alone certification to set groomers apart as a skilled groomer.  This says you can make dogs look beautiful regardless of their breed.  If you are not interested in Breed Profile grooming, stop here and know you are presenting quality work in all of your grooms!  If you want to become an International Certified Master Groomer, this track prepares you for the technical portion and sets you up for success in the Master's testing. 

This track includes a poodle video, written test and two practical evaluations (these evaluations may be completed through video*), and the APG Resource Manual with chapters on:

Toy dogs
Elderly dogs
Double Coated Dogs
Scissors and Scissoring
De-Matting De-Mystified
Building your Business
and more

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Track 2
For Groomers who have completed CPG. Includes Resource manual, workbook
Poodle DVD, Written test, photo evaluations and 2 practical video submissions
Price: $297.00
Track I and 2
For Groomers wanting to purchase the Track I and Track II as a package. Includes Jump start Membership in IPG
Price: $650.00
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