International Professional Groomers, Inc - Track I: CPG
International Professional Groomers, Inc - Certification & Education for Pet Groomers, Pet Professionals
Groomer Certification for Safety, Care and Sanitation

The  a revolutionary new certification for pet grooming professionals. This Track is the foundation of IPG certification and tells your customers and your community you are safe and your primary concern is the safety of the pets in your care!

This is a stand-alone certificate for ALL groomers.  If you only get one grooming certificate in your career, this is the one!
The Testing for these certificates is based upon IPG Training Manuals.  The Track I: Certified Professional Groomer, part 1 & part 2.  This module also includes a bathing video so you will know what we are looking for!   Testing involves:

  •        2 written tests (these are open book)
  •        Your evaluation of your bathing and grooming stations
  •        A Bathing & Drying pracitical exam on a dog of your choice (with some hair) 
  •        A Grooming evaluation of a clippered pet trim (#4 blade or longer)
  •        Both practical tests are scored primarily on safety--safe handling and restraint, safe use of                equipment, groomer safety
  •        In the US, the practical tests may be submitted by video --  NO traveling with dogs!

Groomers or Industry Professionals may register for the following modules below, at a Track One workshop, or at most Groomer Trade shows.

Topics covered in the TRACK 1 include:

  • Bathing Areas and Equipment Safety
  • Grooming Areas and Equipment Safety
  • The Healthy Pet & Recognizing Illness or Disease
  • Zoonotic Diseases
  • Skin and Hair
  • Handling and Restraint
  • Fleas and Ticks and the Groomers Role
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Groomer Safety
  • The Pet Trims
  • The Smart Style System
  • The Grooming Professional
  • Customer Service
  • ...and more


Certified Pet Professional (CPP)* is offered to Pet Industry Professionals!

… is a certificate for professionals in the pet industry, stressing safety, care & handling, health and sanitation. This Certification is for Bathers, Grooming Salon owners and managers, doggy day spa workers, pet-sitters and kennel workers. This program has a written test as practical test video to submit. Pet care professionals participating in this program have demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of: (NOTE: this information is also included in the CPG Track 1)

 the healthy pet and recognizing problems which should be brought to the attention of the owner, canine skin & hair and the effects of grooming, health & safety concerns for the pet professional pet, understanding canine behavior and handling, bathing and drying, diseases & vaccination, zoonotic diseases, canine first aid and emergencies, sanitation and disinfection, professionalism & ethics.

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Track I Modules
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*If you have completed your previous Salon Details testing, you may upgrade to CSP and CPG  for a low fee.  We recommend attending a workshop or watching the Salon Certification video
Track I Complete Program
This includes 12-month IPG membership, Resource Manuals, workbook, written tests, practical evaluations, salon photo evaluations and 2 DVD's
Price: $379.00
Track I Members Program
Same as above if you already have current IPG membership
Price: $292.00
Certified Pet Professional Module
For Bathers, Salon managers, receptionists, Day care workers.
Includes IPG 12 month membership, Resource manual, written test, bathing evaluation, DVD.
Price: $297.00
Track I upgrade
Complete Track I package for current members who are already Master Groomers or who completed the Salon Details certification
Price: $157.00