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Track 2-3.  Advanced and Masters Certification for Professional Dog Groomers

IPG certification is in 3 "Tracks."  Each track has a stand alone certificate.  

Groomers may stop or pause their certification journey at each step.  

For groomers who are working toward their master's certification, they will earn a certificate at each level they complete rather than waiting to complete the entire process!  This allows you to share your success with customers and your peers.  

Each "track" builds on the last.  In track 1 you completed a basic pet trim.  Our certifiers try to offer tips for your success in track 2.  Track 2 prepares you for success in track 3!

This page has information for Track 2 and Track 3 for Professional Dog Groomers

Shipping is included for the USA.  Add additional shipping if you are in Canada or other country.

Discounted prices for purchase of multiple certification kits are below

For Groomers who have completed the Track I program and are now a CPG. The CertifiedADVANCED PROFESSIONAL GROOMER program is a comprehensive certification which demonstrates your care of senior and toy dogs (more fragile) and double coated dogs. It demonstrates your advanced technical skills when grooming dogs with more coat, showing shape, style and symmetry. De-Matting and scissoring are introduced in this module. As always, safe and compassionate handling are very important in this module.  This track includes:

  • Toy Dogs

  • Double Coated Dogs

  • The 15 Coat Types by Groomers Guide (c)--Poster

  • De-Matting De-Mystified(c)--DVD

  • Shape, style and symmetry

  • Angulation

  • Building your business

IPG breed profile certification is for accomplished Professional Groomers who are proud to showcase their accomplishments.

Your FIRST STEP is the  Written Masters' Exam first to earn your MASTER'S CANDIDATE certificate. This exam covers breed standards, terminology, anatomy, general breed and group information, and breed identification.

Each following module includes a written and practical exam to earn a seal  in Non-Sporting Breeds, Sporting Breeds, Terrier Breeds, and Mixed breed. The written mixed breed test reviews all three tracks. 

Upon successful completion of all tests with at least an 86%, you will earn the title of International Certified Master Groomer and the right to use the letters ICMG following your name when you maintain your IPG membership in good standing and follow the IPG Code of Ethics.

All masters testing must be completed within 5 years. You may purchase the entire Master's Package or purchase one module at a time, beginning with the Master's module. All dogs must have enough coat to demonstrate breed profile and advanced grooming techniques.  Send a picture for evaluation prior to testing!  Certifiers will give you tips for success.

Testing for Masters grooms must be done LIVE or "Live on Zoom."  There is a fee for this testing.

  • Master's Candidate

  • Non-Sporting

  • Sporting

  • Terrier

  • Mixed Breed

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