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IPG  is an International Association created to educate, certify and accredit Professional Pet Groomers. Certified groomers must maintain active membership and complete annual continuing education.

IPG is Dedicated to:

--the safety of all pets entrusted into our care

--increasing the recognition of the grooming profession

--acknowledging the superior skill-set of 'our' groomers
TRACK I:  The revolutionary new Salon Professional Track is a series of Educational modules and certifications leading to stand-alone Certificates of Professionalism for all professionals involved in the grooming industry, the CSP (Certified Salon Professional), the CPG (Certified Professional Groomer) and the CAPG*.  This program sets industry standards for of pet and staff safety, health and sanitation. Groomers will  animals in their care in a safe and professional manner, and demonstrate their basic “kennel trim” skills.  *New for 2015, the Certified Advanced Professional Groomer will be introduced.  These certifications are awarded by our Independent Evaluators, setting these skilled professionals apart from their peers and validating their qualifications and professionalism to the public.
TRACK II:  The Master Track, culminating in the title of “ICMG (International Certified Master Groomer) …is available to advancing groomers who have completed their CPG title[1].  Groomers may earn endorsements for Non-sporting Breeds, Sporting or Gun Dog breeds, Terrier Breeds and Mixed Breeds.  Each certification/endorsement will require a written test and a practical test.  These endorsements/certifications are based upon grooming four dogs to their breed standard, using pet grooming techniques and one dog groomed in any trim demonstrating the technical skills demonstrated in the other practical exams. The written tests are based upon the AKC (or other country’s) breed standards. 
[1] New certification available for ICMG’s successfully completing continuing education modules.

TRACK III:  The Elite Groomer TrackCertified groomers may complete continuing education modules each year with new information to continue working toward Elite Groomer Status. Master Groomers and Elite Groomers may apply to become Instructors and Certifiers.  These groomers will help educate groomers new to the Tracks Program.

The Salon Track:  Accreditation & Marketing  Salon Approvalis available to Salons or mobile units whose owners and employees have fulfilled any of the above certifications and meet minimum standards of safety, salon set-up, and business practices.  Groomers should be CPG and/or cAPG certified.  All staff must be "Track 1" certified within 6 months in order for the Salon to become or remain IPG Accredited.  All staff must maintain IPG membership which will includeannual continuing educationmodules for all staff members.  Approved Salons or mobile units must renew their Approval each year to standard best practices.

IPG is also accepting Pet Spa and Doggie Daycare facilities that demonstrate compliance with current leading edge standards and practices for pet and staff safety, hygiene and handling practices. 

School Approval & Pre-Accreditation…We are developing programs to unite grooming schools and standardize the levels of education received by students through the School Approval and Pre-Accreditation program

Business Marketing and Consultation…IPG is all about helping groomers and the grooming industry.  We offer workshops and educational materials to help groomers market their business.  In addition, we offer professional consultations to our members who may be struggling with aspects of their businesses.
The Certification Process not only enhances the image of our industry, it will show you are much more qualified to prospective employers or when presenting your business proposal to planning commissions and loan departments. Certification is a great way to validate your professionalism.

Continuing Education is an important aspect of the grooming business.  It is important for all groomers to stay current with industry trends as well as getting information to keep their grooming fun and profitable.  Beginning in 2015, renewing IPG members will receive an annual continuing education packet, allowing them to work toward higher levels of skill and professionalism.
Once you embark on the road to certification, regardless of your skill level, you will be learning more about grooming skills, especially as they are applied to grooming dogs according to the breed standards published by your country’s breed standards. International Professional Groomers, Inc. will give you the tools to improve your grooming every day in your own salon.  Let IPG help you gain recognition from your community and your peers.
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