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These Grooming Facilities have undergone a rigorous application process to have their salons approved. All of their employees and staff are IPG Safety Certified! You can trust your pet with one of these Grooming Salons! If you are interested in having YOUR salon safety certified, see the bottom of the page. If you would like to apply for a Safety Approved Salon, fill out application and pay on the Salon Application Page.


Art of Pet Grooming

10045 W Camelback Rd #103

Phoenix, AZ 85307


Robert Lee & Luis Ortega, owners

We believe in the dog's well being and health.  We take our time with our dogs.  Groomers work for a salary so no stress-no rush.  We created the 5 senses of Art of Pet Grooming:  tv's, calming music, puppy safe and kid safe, therapeutic mattress, photo booth, and everyone talks to the dogs by their names.  This is an amazing experience where love, quality and art get together.

AZ Pet Stylist

25729 S Hawes Rd

Queen Creek, AZ 85142


Kay Richmond, CPG, owner

At Arizona's Pet Stylist, we aim to lead the way and demonstrate the highest standards and best practices within the grooming industry.  We are as passionate about pet care as you are about your pets and we promise to always provide your cherished pets with love and safekeeping while they are in our care.


Ambers Luxury Pet Hotel and Spa

9036 Pulsar Ct

Corona, California


Amber Lewin, ICMG, owner

Offering Premier grooming, boarding and day care for dogs and cats by IPG Certified groomers.

San Diego Grooming Academy

3805 Utah St

San Diego, CA 92104


Myke Ross, ICMG owner

SDGA is a Safety Approved Salon, IPG Approved Training Center and an IPG Approved School!  Safety of the pets is the first concern for all students and staff in this large facility with state of the art equipment.  

We offer a VIP weekly bathing program starting at $34 per month 

Fallbrook Pet Parlor Grooming & Boutique

233 E Mission Rd, Ste A

Fallbrook, CA 92098


Saige Hoey, ICMG, owner

Offering Premier grooming, for dogs and cats by IPG Certified groomers


Puff N Fluff Pet Spa

Pet salon providing premium grooming services. All groomers and bathers are safety certified and working toward advanced certifications.

Puff N Fluff is an IPG Approved Training Center. Here to help other groomers begin their journey.Kirk (CPP) and Candice Puffenberger, ICMG, owners

11550 Jones Bridge Rd

Alpharetta, GA 30022

404-932-7080Puff N Fluff Pet Spa



Pretty Pooch & Kitty Too! LLC

The salon's slogans are the "Home of the $5 Nail Trim" and "We Specialize in Breeds of Any Size." The salon is an open floor grooming area and owners can watch us groom to see behind the scenes! We value the quality of grooms you receive and how happy your pets are when they leave. We pride ourselves in the safety and happiness of all pets in our care.

4250 E Main St. Ste I

Farmington, NM 87402


Marchello Arnold, ICMG, owner


West Salem Dog Groming

Where every pet is a star. Master groomer on staff and all groomers are Certified. We specialize in happy pets. Comfort grooms on small special needs pets in an hour or less.

"We Care About the Pet You Love"(c)

1452 Brush College Rd NW

Salem, Oregon 97304


Linda Easton, ICMG, owner




Premium Pet Grooming and Fashion Boutique is a saloon and Spa Boutique that was born from the need of introducing a deep change in the Chilean pet grooming business: we want to bring the latest world trends and technology, and work with a high range of products formulated specially for our beloved pets.

In Premium Pet Grooming and Fashion Boutique we have high hygiene and professional standards, based on norms and protocols specially prepared to give the best quality service for our clients.

We have comfortable facilities to make sure that pets don’t experience stressing situations during the grooming process, and our highly qualified groomers are prepared to give an excellent service.

Contact Number: +56981825411

WhatsApp: +56981825411

Address: Cuarta Avenida 1125, San Miguel, Santiago-Chile.


I Love Dogs is a service center for dogs, in which we seek to achieve an atmosphere of trust and tranquility. We have a team prepared to fulfill the duties of our pet customers; but the main requirement to be part of this family is to love and respect animals. Our goal is to make our pet customer feel as they are in their second home. The best way to achieve this goal is to integrate our system with patience and love to show them they have nothing to fear when receiving their grooming. Also, our groomers are all certified and prepared to work with all types of breeds, but we excel in the terriers.

For boarding customers, they get integrated with other dogs on boarding on a supervised children’s play area. In these group play no more than 8 dogs and they are selected by size for their safety. They also share their play area with other dogs that come more often to enjoy our service day care.

Our employees are able to maintain a calm temperament when they are interacting with the dogs and colleagues; this help us maintain a controlled and peaceful environment. The greatest satisfaction we have is that most of our dogs customers come in voluntarily without their owners forcing them to enter. And very often, many do not want to go home when they are picked up by their owners, because they are so comfortable with us that they don’t want to leave. That’s why we tell our clients that “we know that more than a pet is part of your family, so we treat them as they are part of ours.”

IPG Safety Approved Salon/Day Care

Salon approval is available to Salons or mobile units whose staff have successfully completed CPP, CCG or CPG certifications and meet minimum standards of safety, salon set-up, and business practices. New staff members have 6 months to become track 1 certified.  All staff must maintain IPG membership and Approved Salons or mobile units must renew their Approval each year to standard best practices.

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