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The only scissors approved by a Doctor

to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and 

loved by groomers!

Ergonomic handle to protect your wrist, arms, shoulders and neck! Short, off-set shanks.

Quality steel so it stays sharp! 

   Blunt tip for safety.

Best Results--smooth scissoring because of the balance and quality of these scissors

CONTACT Dr. Jim about sharpening of grooming scissors and blades.

Smart Style Scissors

rgonomic handle and balance. 440 steel and blunt tip. Available in 7" straight, curve, thinner and blender and 8" curve and straight. 10% off for IPG members.

Set of all 6 Smart Style Scissors

Get one of each of these Doctor designed, Groomer approved.  Includes a leatherette scissor case.  Free shipping in the USA.

ZEPHYRR Blue Sky Scissor set of 4

Zephyrr scissors.  A high quality scissor at an affordable price.  Ask about member discounts

ZEPHYRR SPRITE scissor set

5" scissors and thinners for safe trimming around faces of dogs and feet and faces on cats. 

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