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"The care and safety of the pets

we work with is our passion.

Helping groomers thrive is our dream."


Certify in the comfort of your own salon!  Start your journey today.  Be a part of the largest Groomers Association with members in 35 countries.

IPG educates and certifies groomers for the safety of the pets in our care, while increasing and acknowledging our groomers skills to elevate the grooming profession.   There are IPG certified groomers in 35 countries and counting!

IPG has 3 tracks of Certification(see below).

Each Track has a stand-alone certification you earn.  The completion of each track helps your success in the next track.  All groomers are required to complete their Safety Certification (Track 1) first. Take advantage of the special here or sign up on the "STEP 1" page.

CPG  - The Foundation
Start Your Certification Journey TODAY!
Includes membership through December, 2024.  price $395.00

IPG Certification puts SAFETY first--always!

EDUCATION is so important--- two resource manuals have up to date information on safety, health, product use and more. You also get a tips DVD and bathing DVD, and all your testing information.

EASE OF TESTING:  Written tests are open book and practical tesing may be done by video, live or on "Zoom Live" with dates at least once a month.

"[I enjoyed] the amount of knowledge I gained.  Even though I've been grooming for years, there are things I never knew."                                         Nicole D. 2022

"The ability to have open book review provides a less stressful testing experience.  Refreshing information that I had forgotten and sharing the same beliefs with an organization as yours is so refreshing..."                                                                                     Yvonne L 2021

CPG  - The Foundation
FLEX PAY... pay $195 now and $200 in 6 weeks!
Includes membership through December, 2024.  price $395.00

Learn To Bathe & Groom Dogs

Includes Learn to Bathe Dogs and Learn to Groom Dogs Text and Workbooks, Student Journal, 6 training videos and an on-line final exam/evaluation.  Photo submissions throughout course for enrolled students!


TRACK 1: Safety Certification

Certified Professional Groomer (CPG) Safety certification for Groomers, who will do a bath and dry and clippered pet trim on any breed. Also available in Spanish.

Certified Cat Groomer (CCG) Safety certification for Cat Groomers, who will do a bath and dry on a cat.

Certified Pet Professional (CPP) safety certification for Bathers, Salon or Day Care Staff. Also available in Spanish.

TRACK 2:Advanced Certification 

Advanced Professional Groomer (APG)  Advancing groomers use advanced grooming skills to demonstrate shape, style and symmetry and groom a toy breed and a double coated breed.

Advanced Cat Groomer (ACG) More cat behavior and working with special needs cats, and includes one groom.

TRACK 3: Master Groomers

International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG)  Advanced Breed Profile grooming with 5 modules: Masters written test (to become MC--Masters Candidate), then Non-Sporting, Sporting, Terriers and Mixed Breeds.

Certified Master Cat Groomer (CMCG) covers cat breeds and their special needs and demonstrating advanced cat grooming skills.


IPG APPROVED SALON For salons with certified staff, meeting criteria for safety and sanitation, and following PPGSA standards

IPG APPROVED SCHOOL & APPROVED TRAINING CENTERS  For schools meeting criteria for Safety Approved Salon with curriculum, certified Instructors, and Graduation goals.

Approved Schools offer CPG certification to their students. 

IPG CERTIFIERS  Master Groomers who have apprenticed to become Level 1, 2 or 3 Certifiers.

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