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 International Professional Groomers... 

Is the leading International Association created to educate, certify and accredit Professional Pet Groomers and Pet Caretakers. Groomers and Pet Care workers, with active membership, in good standing and who complete annual continuing education and follow the "IPG Code of Ethics,"  maintain their certifications and educational endorsements.
 There are IPG certified groomers in 28 countries and counting!

Learn to Groom Dogs"The care and safety of the pets 
we work with is our passion. 
 Helping groomers thrive is our dream."


with your customers through Certification!  As more groomers become certified, 
our customers will ask for a "Certified Professional".  
This certification makes you the EXPERT and your customers 
will allow you to explain grooming styles which are safe and appropriate for their pets.

Included in these programs are keeping pets SAFE, getting and keeping better clients, 
working with difficult dogs, and tips to make groomers more successful, 
and the introduction of the 'Smart Style System' of grooming.

IPG has 3 tracks of Certification:
            1-Certified Professional Groomer (CPG)
            2-Advanced Professional Groomer (APG)
            3-Master Groomer (ICMG)

The completion of each track helps your success in the next track.  Each Track has a stand-alone certification you earn.  
TRACK 1:  The revolutionary new Safety Certification Track  
      for Groomers, Bathers, Salon owners, Pet Sitters and Day-Care owners & staff.

Track 1 is the foundation of Safety, Health & Sanitation in your salon and while grooming pets. This track includes a jump start IPG membership, 2 certification modules, 2 written tests, 2 practical tests which can be submitted by video (bathing/drying a dog and a clippered pet trim), resource manual and work books, all testing, and 2 DVD’s  all for only $379

  • CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL GROOMER      Allows groomers to add the letters CPG to their name!  This lets your customers know you care about the pets they love and have been evaluated and certified to handle their pets safely, providing quality care and grooming in a secure environment. OR

  • CERTIFIED PET PROFESSIONAL   Is a stand-alone certification of Care, Safety and Sanitation for Grooming Salon owners,  bathers, Day-Spa owners, Pet Day Care workers and Pet Sitters. 

TRACK 2:      Advanced Professional Groomer (APG)
is for advancing grooming skills demonstrating shape, style and symmetry and emphasizing senior pets, toy dogs, and double coated dogs.  It includes a written test and two practical tests (may be submitted by video), study manuals and 2 DVDs for $297

    In this track, groomers use advanced grooming skills to demonstrate shape, style and symmetry in their grooming.  
    This track emphasizes the special needs of double coated dogs, toy dogs and elderly pets! 
    This is a stand-alone certificate for Advanced Groomers.  
    This Track also sets groomers up to be successful when the test for their Masters breed profile grooming.
    Groomers perform 2 practical tests and one written test.

TRACK 3:        International Certified Master Groomer
is for Breed Profile grooming and has 5 modules:  Masters written test, Nonsporting written and practical, Sporting written and practical, Terrier written and practical, and Mixed breed with a written and practical.  At least 2 of these practical exams are done in front of a certifier, unless successfully petitioned for video submission. Each module has a resource manual, study aids and a DVD and is $157 per module.

   For salons meeting criteria for safety and sanitation, following PPGSA standards 
    In an Approved Salon, all Groomers and staff are IPG certified at CPP or CPG or higher.

   For schools meeting criteria for Safety Approved Salon with curriculum, certified Instructors, and Graduation goals.
    Approved Schools offer CPG certification to their students.

*The International Professional Groomers has the only Groomer Safety Certification (Certified Professional Groomer or CPG) (introduced in 2014) and IPG has member Certified Groomers are in over 26 countries!  We have Regional Affiliates in several countries:


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