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Victor Rosado, ICMG, US Groom Team 2016

Latin America is represented by Victor Rosado, ICMG. Victor is a member of the American Groom Team. He is a top competitor, with several Best In Show wins. The picture below is with his Cocker Spaniel, Isabella who was Best in Show at Super Zoo, 2016.

Victor has traveled throughout the world as an FEI judge and giving grooming workshops. He offers workshops and certification in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Central and South America in English and Spanish.

We applaud Victor's accomplishments and are so proud to have him on our team.



Victor Rosado has formed a Scholarship for Latin American groomers to help them get the education and certification they cannot afford. These are groomers who are passionate to learn and demonstrate their skills in their countries. They submit an application describing their desires and why they should earn the Scholarship. Groomers awarded Scholarships may use it for grooming education with Edugroom or Certification with IPG.

Any contribution can help!  

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